Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Calexico - Brooklyn

Lunch Ambivalence
It dawned on me as I waited for my lunch at Calexico how close I was to Matamoros - just a few stops on the subway. It's a thought that lingered and annoyed - I knew my laziness was a mistake. Pingle's pulled pork taco was ok, not too bad, but in general this was another wasted meal.

It was the carne asada torta that disappointed. Not overly so, but enough for me to know I'll never be back. The meat was tough, way too tough. Not sure how these guys got so much fame from their cart, but maybe it's just me. Maybe I was just in a bad mood.

I did like the service, it was prompt. However, not enough to save the experience. Next!

369-122 Union

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  1. what's with all the bad reviews? ):
    i used to come here to feast my eyes, now no more nice food?!?! i had to resort to finding some hk food blog to satisfy my appetite! more nice food please! ((:

  2. @Lil Sis - I call it like I taste it. If it's wack, the Puff List attacks!

  3. The taco is normal but the fresh salsa verde was slamming though!

    But the sandwich that FN had was eh... nothing memorable I guess.

  4. hmm ive only tried calexico from the cart.. it was free, so i was happy. matamoros for the win!!!

  5. @Sandy - I'd rather pay for Matamoros than get free Calexico!! That's saying something, right?