Monday, October 5, 2009

La Bague de Kenza - Paris

Tea and Cookies, Anyone?
Not just regular old tea and cookies but the North African sort for a change of pace. One foot inside La Bague de Kenza this is what you see - a tidal wave of unfamiliar sweets and cookies (unfamiliar to me at least.)

There are piles and piles of treats, so many that my head began to spin. What is all this stuff? Which ones should I pick?

There must be a lot of customers like me - dazed to the point of indecision. They've propped up a book next to the front door describing what everything is. Too bad it's in French and Arabic, it did me only so much good. These little puppies looked cool though. Ghribia are a mix of all the good things in life: flour, butter, eggs and confectioners sugar.

I went with the point and eat method - I added two other unknowns to with my Ghribia and a pot of tea. All were good, but my personal favorite was the frosty white moon.

Now for the tea. Pingle, this is as far away from Chinese tea as you can get. It was super-sweet and flavored with mint. It was really good but it may be a tad sweet for you. It's served in a cool silver tea pot that seemed bottomless - I poured endless cups for myself. Definitely a nice experience that you should try.

3rd Arondissement
and a few other locations around Paris

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  1. Sweets for the Sweet? Maybe. A person can never have too many sweets, though, esp. ones with chocolate. Mmmmmm.

  2. Not too much chocolate in Algerian stuffs, from what I can see Sal. Lots of honey, lots of nuts...

  3. Once I read your post, I immediately traced it back to this NYT article:

    I'm quite surprised that they didn't pour the tea for you (at least with the first glass). Maybe it was too busy? It's usually quite a sight to watch.

  4. @Anonymous - that's a very informative article you reference, thanks.

    No, they didn't pour for me. I was sitting upstairs alone, it wasn't too crowded either.

  5. A was there few days ago... I think ,I had a taste of Allah's paradise !

  6. @Jamel - you are a true fan!!