Friday, November 21, 2008

Polish G.I. Delicatessen - Manhattan

Friday Donut Day Goes Polish
Happenstance: the magical act of finding an unexpected donut while looking for a different donut. Puff and I were on our way to Abraco in the East Village for some ricotta fritters when something sugary registered in my peripheral. I stopped dead in my tracks and whirled around to a window full of treats. I stepped inside the little storefront and felt like I was in Warsaw. If you click on this pic you will see the old polish lady with the sour face sitting inside.

I got one of those powdery treats in the middle of the window. The proportion of dough to filling was a bit off - I like more filling.

However, I noticed a lot of sausages and other treats to try on my next visit. NY Magazine has a good write-up on this spot.


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