Monday, July 13, 2009

Chez Taeko - Paris

Delicious Japanese in the Third Arondissement
Chez Taeko is a small Japanese "stall" inside the Marché des Enfants Rouges that reminds me of Hibino in Brooklyn. Pingle visited before and told me it was a must-go so off we went for a Saturday afternoon lunch. I got the pork Tonkatsu which was appropriately thick, crispy at the edges and deeply juicy. I carved it into chopstick-manageable hunks and didn't talk for about 15 minutes as I eviscerated it. It came with sides of rice, bean sprouts and sashimi.

Pingle got the beef Sukiyaki and glanced over at me with a self-satisfying smile that said "you wish you ordered this, Dodo." I took a few bites and I agree - it was very good. The beef was thinly-sliced, tender and delicious.

The specials of the day were written on chalk boards that the waitresses carried around and placed in front of the newly-seated for a few moments. I don't have any evidence, but it suggests that they rotate their menu a lot, which makes me want to visit again soon to try something different.

Here's a shot of the "stall", one of many inside the Marché des Enfants Rouges, one of the oldest covered markets in Paris.

Take a look at this short movie, this is me walking in and around the many market stalls. Chez Taeko shows up at 1:16.

39 rue de Bretagne

3rd Arondissement


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  1. Although they call it sukiyaki, I think the correct name for this is Gyudon (similar to what you find in Yoshinoya Japanese chain). FN is right.. it was really really yummy!

  2. Thanks for the correction, The Puff Speaks!

    When we going back, Pingles?