Sunday, July 12, 2009

Berthillon - Paris

Not a Wrong Note
No surprise, Berthillon makes a really good sorbet. Pingle and I chose to sit in the luxurious dining room rather than take it to go. I got a double-scoop of raspberry and blood orange, shown below. She got passionfruit and strawberry. All four flavors were good but for me, the passionfruit stood out. It was tangy and fresh and made my tongue tingle.

Is it better than Le Bac a Glaces? Not sure - that's a tough one. Both serve up a hell of a sorbet. I guess I will call it a tie for now. I have to revisit Le Bac while these Berthillon flavors are fresh in my mind.
en l'ile St. Louis
4th Arondissement

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  1. That sorbet looks so good that I practically drooled....How does it compare to the sorbet we got in Syracuse's Little Italy?

  2. Hi Sal, I have to say the fraise I had at Syracuse's Little Italy was good too. A close fight with the one at Berthillon.

    Got to try the passionfruit there to determine the winner. The passionfruit sorbet at Berthillon was two thumbs and two big toes up :)