Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Des Gars Dans La Cuisine - Paris

Some Boys Can Cook
The name of this restaurant translates into "Boys in the Kitchen." Pingle and I visited after a weekend spent in Sevilla, Spain. Why do I brag? Sorry, don't mean to - there's a point. I didn't get to eat Gazpacho while in Spain and was regretting that when I peered at the top of the Des Gars menu. Voila - Gazpacho! While I waited for it to arrive, second-guessing took over. What the hell was I doing ordering Gazpacho in Paris? One spoonful into it and all questions were put to rest - it was rich, zesty and deliciously cooling.

Pingle did the "girl thing" and ordered "just a salad." This was one hell of a salad though - grilled prawns coated with sesame seeds on a bed of lettuce with some kind of anchovy ceaser dressing. I took a few bites - it was pretty tasty. Pingle told me she'd come back over and over just to eat this.

My main was a tad disappointing - not in execution - it just didn't line up with my palate. Chunks of pork, wrapped in bacon, wading in a pool of pear-flavored soup.

It's a lively, hip spot with plenty of swank - as you can see here.

The windows sit right on the street, so close in fact that passersby can't help but look in when they catch a whiff. This is a place that deserves a re-visit or two, I have a feeling most of what the boys are making in the kitchen is pretty damned good.
3rd Arondissement

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  1. This place is mama-mia... very very very good! I think this is the best caesar salad I ever had. FN didn't put load the photo of the butter I took... that was good too!

    We have to go back for dessert!!

  2. Wow, the best caesar salad ever in your whole long life? Impressive!

    I agree, we should go back again - but for a full meal with dessert too.

  3. that looks like a very cool little place. the food looks good too. i hope you guys are in paris for a whiles so i can enjoy spying on your meals.

  4. @yutjangsah - I am Paris kinda sorta medium-term-ish. Pingle is lucky, she gets to leave soon and then come back later.

  5. Have you ever tried their brunch? Some of it seems overpriced. Did you think the ratio quality/price was acceptable?

  6. @LM - Here's the secret - get your company to pay for all your food. Sorry - not bragging, that's just my situation - I get reimbursed for my food, if that weren't the case, I wouldn't eat out in Paris at all, it is ALL overpriced and ridiculous.