Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Cafe Piaf - Paris

Hand-Made Desserts in Swanky Environs
Just in case you think we're a cool, world-traveling couple....we ate cereal at home for dinner before venturing out to Cafe Piaf for dessert. Pingle had Honey Bunches of Oats and I had Sugar Smacks, the former bought in Brooklyn and packed in a suitcase. Turns out, cereal is the perfect base upon which you can pile rich desserts late at night. Below is my hand-made tiramisu arabica - a creamy tiramisu with a shot of coffee at the bottom. It was light and small and a perfect night-cap.

Pingle had a "pot de chocolat", which I translate to mean "chocolate pot." Smart, ain't I? It was laced with ground pralines and topped off with a fresh raspberry. She seemed ok with it, not knocked-down, dragged-out impressed but there wasn't much left when she was done.

It's an interesting space. Downstairs is a small dining area with a bookcase of wine and a small bar nearby. Upstairs are a few more tables and a close-up view of the large chandelier hanging above the front door. They have a small menu - about 7-8 different entrees and main courses along with another 6-7 desserts.

The place used to be called the Ivory - not sure how long ago it changed to Cafe Piaf. My French being what it is, I managed to order and pay and not much more.
UPDATE as of December 13th, 2009: Cafe Piaf is GONE. I walked by today and noted the tell-tale sign - painted out front windows. I took a peek in and the interior has already been stripped, the whole place was a mess. There was a sign on the front door "under new management."
3rd Arondissement

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  1. A person can never have too many desserts, esp. ones with chocolate. Mmmmm.

  2. Cool, world-traveling couples DO have cereal at home for dinner you know. Take me for example - cool and world traveling (haha!) - and my 2 favorite meals of the day are breakfast and dessert. Why not have only those two then?! I'm so with you! :)

    Captain Crunch for me - which yes, I did bring in my suitcase here to Zurich too!

    Hey, is this place in Paris known for their desserts? Or do you simply go to restaurants and order just dessert sometimes ? Either way, looks delicious.

  3. No complains abt cereals dinner.. especially when it's my fav - Honey bunches of oats plus XTRA bunches!!!

    The tiramisu was definitely better than the choc!

  4. Sal, I couldn't agree more.

    Kerrin, once I eat a good breakfast I am happy to search for desserts the rest of the day. Probably destined for an early death as a result, but it will be a sweet one. The dessert menu of this place caught my eye while I was walking by. Some day I may try their regular food...

  5. Hey, how come you get extra bunches? Spoiled girl in the house.....

  6. this looks awesome. damn i wish i was in paris!

  7. @Yutjangsah, that's wierd - I wish I were in Los Angeles! I lived there for a year.