Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Kyotofu - Manhattan

You Watching Hatervision, Again?
Puff, change that channel - all the jealousy is not good for you. This post may only make it worse, though. Kyotofu is a small restaurant near Amy's bread in Hell's Kitchen. It's like a small slice of Japan here in the Apple. I found it last night as I was trolling through this sweet blog called Dessertbuzz.

You can sit in the window or make your way to the small dining room in the back. It has a sleek, clean, intelligent design - not unlike yours truly.

I started off with the green tea soba noodles. They were cool and tasty (again, just like the kid.) Sorry, no matter how hard I tried, I could not make the piggy-slurping noise that you have mastered.
Next up, the chicken and tofu burger with a side of lotus root chips. I need to take a photography class because this shot simply doesn't capture the deliciousness. The burger was so juicy and tender. Ever seen a wolf maul a small animal? You get the picture.

The best was yet to come. Of course, it was at this point that my camera battery died. Rank amateur, I know. I had to go steal someone else's photo of my dessert. I'll get my own shot when we go back. I had the "signature sweet tofu" which comes with a side dish of kuromitsu black sugar syrup. That must be Japanese for "slamming." It was smooth and creamy and very light.
705 9th Ave

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  1. Oh man.. without the slurping, you are doing the yummy soba a disservice. Looks like you need practice.. ;)

    I want to have those lotus root chips!!! I love those. Unlike the typical potato chips, these are slightly more fragrant. Maybe it's just me.

    Guess this is another spot we have to visit...

  2. Yeah, those chips were surprisingly good. I gobbled em down like a real pig.

    We definitely need to go there.