Monday, April 6, 2009

Teresa's - Brooklyn

Polish Comfort Food
So, before Puffin ever visited NY, I spent quite a bit of time trying to figure out places to take her to eat. She's from Singapore, which has a very different food culture, so to be honest I just kinda took her to a variety of places and hoped for the best. I didn't expect Teresa's would be such a big hit with her. What was the big hit? The breakfast. Two in particular: the one shown below - eggs, potatoes, toast and kielbasa and more fervently - the fried egg and kielbasa sandwich on an english muffin.

Once we also ordered the apple fritters and were surprised to get a whole giant plateful that we couldn't finish. I also like coming here for dinner - I get the fried pierogis with onion. The prices are reasonable and when the weather is nice you can sit outside at the cafe tables and people watch on Montague Street.
Brooklyn Heights

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  1. I never had kielbasa before so when I had my first bite.. I totally enjoyed that.

    Babe, you are obviously doing a fantastic job of finding me places to eat as you can see from how lost I get when deciding on where to go eat. Too many choices and they are all GOOD!

  2. Wow, thanks for the kind words, PingPing!

    But, perhaps you're just naturally confused?

  3. Yes! Teresa's is fabulous. I wrote about their food back in December. We had the most amazing & delicious kielbasa dinner. The fritters were unusually greasy - I think they're hit or miss. But great pierogis and latkes too. Love it there!

  4. Eat it Brooklyn - only had the fritters once, they were good. However, the pierogi never fail to make me smile.