Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Crêperie Bretonne Fleurie - Paris

Would You Eat This?
What is it, you ask? Well, my good friend, it's a galette with lardons and onions on the inside and mushrooms and egg on the outside. What's a galette? And what's a lardon? You sure are full of questions, aren't you? First, I have a question for you.....

See the guy with the neon blue hat? Click on the photo if you want a closer look. Do you feel better about eating the galette knowing he's the one who made it? See, I caught a glimpse of him on the way in and thought to myself "if anyone knows how to make a galette, it's this guy." He was roaming around with a large curved pipe in his mouth looking like he'd just gotten off a fishing boat.

My colleague got a "complet" which was decidedly less fun than what I ordered - it lacked onions and mushrooms. We split a bottle of cider to wash them down. We agreed that our galettes didn't quite live up to expectations. That's not to say they were bad - they weren't. Let's just say that they didn't rise to the level of the quirky interior or the hopes raised by my sartorial friend with the beard.

Breizh Cafe has set the bar for me and I don't expect any place in Paris to surpass it. However, I don't work near Breizh. Next time I'm at work and hungering for a galette I'll make my way back to Crêperie Bretonne Fleurie. Oh, and your questions? See here and here.

67, rue de Charonne
11th Arondissement

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  1. Ok.. even though I am effectively sitting next to you? I reckon you prefer I drop you a comment through the Puff List... so here comes..

    Dear Blogger, Did you try any sweet style crepe?

  2. @Pingle - are you sitting next to me or "effectively" sitting next to me? Wahahahaha. Anyway, it's not a blog if I call you to tell you about my meal and then later you sit next to me and comment on what I told you on the phone, now is it? Hello? Lady?