Thursday, February 18, 2010

Kki - Singapore

A Sweet Slice of Japan
This freshly opened Japanese-style cafe, pronounced "cakey", impresses. It's not just the clean, bright, modern interior and the friendly service. It's not only the delicious franco-japanese pastries like my domed choco-coffee cake shown below. What is most amazing..... that the chef is self-taught. No culinary school. No stints at a famous bakery. I must have looked incredulous, mouth wide open as he told me. He modestly said "You could do it yourself. I will give you the recipe and you can make it at home." No, my friend, I don't think so. You have talent.

A few bites of the chocolate-banana cake confirmed it. A beautiful, light cube with alternating layers of chocolate and banana cake. Best of all are coconut and chocolate-hazelnut sables, which I didn't take a photo of. They're some of the most subtly delicious cookies I've had in recent memory.

They're situated in the tony Ann Siang Hill neighborhood, a perfect match for their classy desserts. On our way out we ordered a birthday cake for Puffin's sis, which we'll pick up next week.

Make your way over and check them out. I know I'll be going back whenever I'm in town.

7 Ann Siang Hill

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  1. Yeah... the self taught is pretty impressive. Haven't had anything that wasn't good.

    Am waiting for you to do this too :) Am sure your cheesecake and chocolate cake will kick ass too!

    I gotto be honest and say the cakes are a little pricey in SG standards but in my view I find it worthwhile as it's a hideaway haven during lunch rush. Let one catches their breath from all the morning rush and gear up for whatever is to come in the afternoon.

  2. @Puffin - Negative, babe. Cannot make this thing, it's beyond my abilities.

  3. me want to go too!

  4. @Lil Sis the Pest - are you treating?

  5. I dig the design aesthetic of "cakey". The coffee dome thingy looks pretty good no? Nic pics BTW.

  6. @Niko - it is indeed a well-designed place with good treats. The best of all are the cookies. I have a box of them, gonna eat em on the plane on the way back to Paris.

  7. Try the Kinabaru or Mont Blanc the next time. Heavenly!

  8. @BanBan - I just tried the Mont Blanc last week, I liked it a lot. It was not overly sweet like the ones I've had in Paris.

  9. I fully agree that the cakes and cookies are awesome especially with the specially brewed coffee w/o sugar. Had an interview with Kenny Seah, the chef, and wasn't surprised everything is made from scratch with fresh milk and cream and just enough to sell for the day. The strawberry cake ... hmmm ... the strawberry looks very good and deliciious ... big and juicy unlike those bought at NTUC supermarket and at the local market.

    Worth every penny you pay and every calorie that you take in. Must make a trip every time I am in Singapore. Also a nice and cosy place to take your good friends for their treat.

  10. mmm .. one of my favourite places too ..