Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Potong Pasir Pancake Lady - Singapore

Showing My Love for All Things Peanut
Potong Pasir is a neighborhood in Singapore that's a stop away from Puffin's on the MRT (subway.) I like to go over there from time to time to visit with the peanut pancake lady. She whips me up a fresh, hot peanut "pancake" in less than a minute. It's more like a small crepe with molten crunchy peanut butter insides. If you're a fan of peanut butter or peanuts you'll probably like this.

I always glance inside at the hot peanut goo. It's the same every time but I take pleasure in the sneak peek. I guess it's my version of sniffing a glass of wine prior to the first sip. (No, I don't wear nail polish - that's Puffin's hand.)

She sells more than just a peanut version - you could opt for red bean or coconut though I've not tried those. I like to watch her in action - she has five burners going at once - the one in the middle left has some batter cooking. After ten to fifteen seconds she'll add the filler and expertly fold it in half. It's best eaten right away. You know how a peanut butter on toast is when the peanut butter is hot and melted? Yes, exactly, now you're getting it. At only 50 American cents each, you can afford to load up on these and then take a well-deserved nap.

She operates from a small stall inside a hawker center. Today I added a few iced coffees and sat at a nearby table snapping photos of her work. Puffin noticed her looking over proudly. Yes, you should be proud, peanut pancake lady. These are one of the small joys that constitue my Singapore happiness.

Block 140, Potong Pasir Ave 3
Potong Pasir

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  1. My husband loves these! You can't get fresh ones here in Adelaide, Australia unfortunately...

    Can I request a review? Could you please review the Crytal Jade chain?

  2. Ah, peanut butter: one of the major food groups. I feel sorry for people who can't eat/don't like peanut butter...

  3. @Sal - I couldn't agree more!

  4. @Cewek - I've been to Crystal Jade a handful of times, it's one of Puffin's go-to spots. I'll see if I can make my way over there before heading back to Paris.

  5. This would destroy in the East Village. What the F__k is wrong with NYC that we don't sell these. I am starting to think NYC's food scene is not that broad.

  6. @Niko - yep, after too much drinking I could down a few of these in the wee hours of the night. Don't doubt NYC - it's one of the most diverse food cities on earth, in my opinion.