Sunday, February 28, 2010

Indian Muslim Food - Singapore

A New Favorite Emerges
As I've explained in previous posts, Roti Prata are one of my favorite breakfast meals anywhere in the world. A refresher: it's fried Indian flatbread that you dip in curry sauce (and in my case, sugar.) I usually go to Srisun in Serangoon because it's close to Puffin's but now I have a favorite - one that's better than the "famous" prata makers I've tried.

Their prata are fluffy on the inside with an almost imperceptibly crispy skin. They're good on their own but even better when dipped in the curry sauce and a dash of sugar. It took a few visits for Puffin to warm up to them - don't know why - probably just doesn't like me coming to her home turf and finding something good. She finally admits they're pretty good.

Here are the men outside their stall in a slower moment: the order man is in the back and the roti man is taking a well-deserved seat. I can just picture the conversation: "You take 5, roti-man, I will count these duckets." Or, something to that effect.

Block 204, Serangoon Central
Serangoon, Singapore

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  1. I have to say this is really one of the better ones... but that is for me. Prata is one where there are varied styles and hence different fan groups... some like it crispy while some like it fluffy.

    I like it fluffy and light.. so this is just perfect for me :) Haven't been back since FN left though :(

  2. @Puffin - don't hedge, be brave. Just say it like it is - this is a damned nice prata! Period.

  3. i LOVE the combination of curry and sugar. it sounds weird, but it's so great! that, and a nice greasy prata goes well with anything

  4. @Jen - I couldn't agree more. Throw in a nice Kopi Tarik (pulled coffee) and you cannot start your day better.