Sunday, August 29, 2010

Mang Kiko's Lechon - Singapore

Fatty Pork to the Rescue
We were on a quest for Filipino burgers in Lau Pa Sat, a Victorian hawker built in the late 1890's. We searched and searched but the burgers didn't show themselves. Luckily, Dodo caught a whiff of the other Filipino meat: pork. This barbecued pork belly plate was sinfully good, wiping all thoughts of burgers from my mind.

If you read this blog you know why - it was juicy and fatty with a thick, crunchy skin. We took turns dunking each slab into unknown sauces, closing our eyes and groaning a long "mmmmmmmmmmmm."

The meat is grilled on-site, whole chickens were sizzling alongside hunks of pork. I've not been to the Philippines but now I have a very good reason if the food tastes like this.

It was even better eating this in Lau Pa Sat - it's such a beautiful, ornate building. I'd eaten breakfast here once or twice before but it was more impressive with the shoulder to shoulder lunch crowd pressing in against us.

Very little of old Singapore still exists. This market was originally built on a jetty in the bay - now it sits hundreds of feet inland on reclaimed land, surrounded by new and yet unfinished buildings.

18 Raffles Quay

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  1. No comments on the building.. but the pork belly rocks! Skin was extremely crispy and meat was juicy... (think the juice came from the fat... yumz) I don't think my arteries approve but what the hack! Hahahahaha...

    Oh babe.. btw, those is Philippines is waaaayyyy fatter!

  2. @Puffin, now I know I have to visit the Philppines. Just gotta wait for the bad news to die down over there so my mama doesn't worry.....

  3. Do the people who eat like this worry about cholesterol levels at all? Pete would say this dish looks like a heart attack on a plate. But fat does carry the flavor in so many dishes. Think about the lowly chicken skin, covered with a tasty batter and fried to a golden brown. Ummmm.

  4. @Sal - I still am thinking about the deep fried chicken skin I ate in Penang. Slamming!!!