Sunday, January 3, 2010

Casuarina Curry - Singapore

Another "Famous Stall"
Everyone in Pingle's family knows I love Roti Prata. First thing I get when I arrive in Singapore is a Roti Prata breakfast. I don't necessarily have a favorite - I usually just go to a local spot in Serangoon. Of course, this being Singapore, everyone wanted to bring me to a "real" Roti Prata place so I could get a good one and learn the difference. This may just be a case of personal taste but most of the Roti Prata at Casuarina Curry just didn't do much for me.

The menu was promising. They had all kinds like this one, called the "plaster." It's a prata with an egg cooked onto it. Sounded good on paper but just didn't live up to expectations.

This garlic prata was just way too crunchy and crispy for my tastes. It was like a super-thin cracker. Major fail for me.

Their regular old prata wasn't bad though, but nothing better than you can get at any other prata shop, in my opinion.

Mutton curry wasn't bad. Yes, this is a breakfast staple for some folks in Singapore, believe it or not. It looks heavy, but it isn't. This makes for a great dipping sauce for the prata.

So, bottom-line, it's just another prata place. Perhaps they're known for other things that are superior and that's why they're so crowded? Or, is it just a famous name?

138 Casuarina Road

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  1. Ahh man.. all the trouble to drive you to a new spot wasted :(

    I still like the plain prata here than your local spot. Plus the dipping curry is also better to me. Then again... it could be just me.

  2. Puffin - so much better that it's worth driving to?

  3. alot of times, the reason why food tastes so good is because it is dressed in nostalgia.

    never tried casuarina's prata as the "famous name" kinda puts me off.

  4. how come you never bring me to eat roti prata when you're in Singapore! unfair! >< anyways, the roti prata looks strange, it's rectangular in shape! and... it looks too thin. can we go eat roti prata when you're back?

  5. @Small J - vampires don't eat prata! But if you wake up before 10am one day, I'm all yours.