Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Katsu I Chi - Tokyo

Deep Fried with a Vengeance
When you deep fry stuff, it's always better. Or so says my girlfriend. However, when you take the best ingredients and deep fry them with great care and attention you end up with something out of the ordinary.

This is the case at Katsu I Chi (Katsu number one) where the chef seems to approach each plate as if it's his last. I sat and watched him slice the pork and oysters that made up my tonkatso set. He floured, egged and panko-battered them with a focus that was amazing to watch.

He's been running his small restaurant for some time - there are pictures of him on the wall in this same pose as a very young man. Pingles used to come here weekly when she lived in Tokyo and the chef recognized her as soon as she asked for less rice. "Singapore, yes?" he exclaimed, with a big smile.

If she were a drinker she could have left her bottle here, like some of the other regulars.

But back to the food the deep-fried pork cutlet and oysters were simply divine. They came with shredded cabbage, pickles and a simple looking yet delicious potato salad. This was a huge plate of food but I finished every bite (unlike someone else I know.)

I've included a link to a Google map if you're interested in finding this little gem. You'll know you're in the right place if you see fish imprints on the ceiling. Chef is obviously a proud fisherman.


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  1. This looks so fabulous that I'm drooling. Wonder how many calories it has (shut my mouth!). The US Food Nazis would freak out.

  2. @Sal - I'm guessing the calorie count is high. Don't know why everyone in Tokyo is so slim!

  3. Fresh fatty pork is the key.. this is my absolute favorite tonkatsu place too.

    On weekday lunch, they serve katsu curry... that's the best! Thinking abt it makes me salivate... yummmmzzzz...

  4. Yeah, what you said: fresh fatty pork!