Monday, December 14, 2009

Zen Zoo - Paris

Black Pearls - Also Known as Bubbles
I've tried bubble tea a few times in NY and I usually just kinda like it. It never really knocks me off my feet. However, I keep trying, most recently yesterday at Zen Zoo. I really went all out, ordering a hot almond-flavored version. I didn't even know you could get hot bubble tea, I'd only tried cold ones. Thank goodness you can, it's been really cold lately. This is the "after" shot.

The "before" shot doesn't offer any hint of the lurking black pearls. If you know nothing about bubble tea, it's a recent Taiwanese invention (1980's) that is sugared, milky (usually black) tea with small, chewy balls of tapioca. You get a nice, fat straw to slurp up both the tea and the pearls. I liked this version a lot - the tea part at least. I tried to eat the pearls, honest. After struggling with a few mouthfuls, I left the rest bottomed in the cup.

Zen Zoo serves lunch and dinner but I was there during the afternoon tea slot. I once again tried to force myself to like Asian-style cheesecake. I gotta stop trying. Their green tea cheese cake was like any other Asian version - dry and bland. It didn't put a damper on things, though. There were a lot of people there, lots of energy - the tea was good - I'll be back soon with Puffin in tow.

You can even get your bubble tea to go, which seemed like a popular option. There was a line of people at the order window when I got there and an even longer one when I left.

2 Rue Cherubini
2nd Arondissement

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  1. They have this in Singapore too... it costs SGD 1.50 only. Surely, Zen Zoo cannot beat this price!!!

  2. Cheap girl in the house!! Come on, you know Paris cannot compete with SG on price...

  3. I accidentally found this website while Googling about cupcakes in Paris, and then saw there was a review of ZenZoo so I clicked on it—and that's me in the pic with the brown jacket on. Cosmic.

  4. @Allison - Whoa, that must be a strange feeling. Time to buy a lottery ticket.

  5. Haha... maybe not, though. That day I waited 20 minutes for my ZenZoo before giving up and getting my money back. I wasn't feeling very lucky at the time, in fact I believe I was developing frostbite.

  6. @Allison, yes I remember that day - it was colder than Saskatchewan. As I was walking to Zen Zoo I was wondering inside my head why I left my warm apartment.

  7. I dislike Zen Zoo Green Tea Cheese Cake and their bubble milk tea
    But I can strongly recommend you to 162 RUE SAINT DENIS 75002 PARIS
    This is also a Chinese restaurant which I visit nearly every saturday
    Their Green Tea Cheese Cake is so nice and so soft that they often sold out before afternoon.
    Anyway don't be disappointing, there is a nice GT Cheesecake version in Paris.

  8. @我以為是我, I will put it on my list. I'll be back in Paris in a few weeks.