Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Robert et Louise - Paris

Meat & Potatoes a la Francaise
Firewood? Check. Metal cooking slab? Check. Chunks of meat? Check. It's as simple as that folks - no need to overcomplicate it. At Robert & Louise, they keep it simple. If you're coming to Paris for a short visit, I would put this place near the top of the list. Where else do they cook your meat in a wood-burning fireplace out in the open, for all to see? You can hear the sizzle, no matter where you sit and it gets you staring into the fireplace, wondering "is that one mine?"

Ok, they'll throw in some potatoes if you want em. The potato cooking guy is right out in the open too, though he tends to get less attention than the meat cooking guy.

While I waited for my entrecôte I had some "fresh" sausages, which were nice. Not sure what is meant by "fresh", exactly. Maybe they made them that morning?

To call this place a "steakhouse" isn't really accurate. It's more like a country inn that offers up simple steaks and chops, cooked in an open fireplace. It's not a NY-style steak - the monster they wheel out on a trolley and pitchfork onto your plate. It's manageable - even a small eater like me could handle it. It's such a nice ambiance that I even got a bottle of wine, which is very unlike me. This place had me feeling like a Frenchman, I guess.

It's old, rustic and tightly-packed. This is a shot of the first level - there is a downstairs as well. If you look way in the back, the guy in the white coat is tending the meat in the fireplace.

64, rue Vieille du Temple
3rd Arondissement

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  1. Yeah.. other than the fact that the food is good, the price is very reasonable for Paris!

  2. Sal - you get to sit by a nice fire AND they cook your steak in it.

    Puffin, it's ALL reasonable when the company pays. Woo-hoo! Spoiled!

  3. Yum.. will be sure to go there next time. I just came back from a few days in Paris and I must your recommendations were just perfect. It's a full time job trying to keep pace with you both though!

    Also... I've launched a new travel guide site called 5places.com - we're looking for people who are interested in helping with content. We're going to put up features profiles of certain bloggers etc.. maybe you're interested? damien@5places.com