Saturday, December 5, 2009

L'Oisive Thé - Paris

A Better Scone than Rose Bakery?
I wasn't looking to replace my favorite scone in Paris, honest, I wasn't. Before writing this post I even went back to Rose to make sure - and I am - Rose's scone is no longer number one. This L'Oisive Thé cranberry scone is moister, tastier and has that "hard to eat because it was falling apart" tenderness.

As for the tea in this cozy teahouse in the 13th, it was tea. I don't know from tea - it was warm and nice - I picked it from their lengthy tea menu and it served me fine. I'm sure the Puffin will opine on it in the comments in a favorable way - she bought 100 grams on the way out.

My mind was clearly on the scone the whole time I was there - it was that good. They serve cookies and cakes too - which I will try on my next visit for sure. It's a very comfortable, warm place - with an emphasis on knitting - there are sweaters and yarn for sale - see the back wall in this photo.

We were there on a sunny afternoon. We took advantage, lounging for some time, reading some of the books from their bookshelf, sipping tea and debating our next lazy steps on a Saturday with nothing pressing on the horizon.

10 rue de la Butte aux Cailles
13th Arondissement

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  1. These pictures, esp. the first one, are so gorgeous that they made my mouth water!

  2. It looked even better in person. That scone was top-notch, Sal.

  3. I only had a bite of the scone so I can't really comment. But the tea was good. I like the fruity green tea and I like the way they serve it in a pot with a small place for the tea bag.

    They sell stuffs too and I bought a flower hair pin. I like it!

  4. I have to admit a bias, the owner is one of my very best friends, but yes, you are right. She is one heck of a baker, and the place is darling and an absolute gem. I love the neighborhood, too. We used to live around the corner, and I miss it, Aimee and Paris so much.

    Next time, go for lunch or brunch. Aimee is an excellent cook. She's also an amazing knitter, a fantastic mom of 2, a successful business owner, an entrepreneur, supporter of hand-made goods, tri-lingual, a blogger, a talented photographer, a beloved wife, and a wonderful friend. Plus, she has the cleanest bathrooms in Paris. A HUGE plus!!! :)

  5. @La Rêveuse, I don't doubt a word.