Saturday, December 19, 2009

Andonand - Tokyo

Jetlag Antidote Donut
I was really feeling the old jetlag this morning but Pingles found me the cure - an affogatto donut from Andonand. They're owned by Mr. Donut but take it up a notch. Some kind of evil genius works here and comes up with ideas like pouring a hot espresso shot over a sugar-laden pastry.

Here she is pristine, with the expresso riding shotgun.

Mid-pour - the espresso quickly carved a dark canal, which my crappy camera doesn't have the shutter speed to capture.

About one minute later - no lie. Jolted me awake. Like someone reached in and grabbed my heart and squeezed it over and over.

Pingles rich chocolate donut was nice too, but in a more ordinary donut way. It was hard to down-shift to normal donut speed after what I'd just been through.

As you can see, this is a premium donut shop. We were early-birds this morning, just about the first ones in.

If you're ever in Tokyo, you'd be smart to give this a try.


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  1. This looks lethal, especially first thing in the morning. You must be high well into the afternoon after this. Looks like Japan will soon be serving food as bad for you as we do. Yum!

  2. looks good! ((: hope you guys are having fun in tokyo! when will you be back in singapore?

    P.s: i love mister donut's "lion" donut! it's sooooooo adorable! ((((((((:

  3. @ Small J - we're in Singapore now (Dec 24th.) Arrived last night. I expect to see some Finland photos from you!