Friday, August 20, 2010

Janet's Pies - Sydney

Had to Do It
Akin to getting a bagel in NY or a croissant in Paris you have to get a meat pie in Australia, right? I didn't seek out the best one or get any advice, I stumbled into Janet's Pies while exploring King St in Newtown. It certainly looked the part - the chicken-mushroom combo sat majestically on the plate next to a tower of mash and a spill of peas.

It looked no less promising when I cracked open the flaky crust and watched the steam rise. That's what made the first bland bite such a letdown. There was nothing overtly wrong with it other than it had almost no taste. I didn't believe it at first - I kept eating, hoping that the flavors were simply late to arrive. I waited for half a pie only to give up and pass off the rest to Dodo. She seemed more forgiving than I but I'll let her comment.

It's too bad, they have a great location with an open front for maximum people-watching along King St. There are couches near the sidewalk and tables in the back. Next visit I'll do a bit more research and pick out a lauded pie spot to try.

283 King St
Newtown Neighborhood
Sydney, Australia

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  1. The pie wasn't too bad.. not mind blowing but not bad. I guess I made a mistake on the sides.. fries is suppose to be a winner but I chose mash with gravy and peas (well knowing that I hate peas!! Argghhh...)

  2. Maybe the blandness is meant--good old English cooking, which I always interpreted as "hearty and no strong flavor."

  3. Have you tried Harry's Cafe de Wheels at Wolloomolloo?

  4. @Sal - it sure was English-style blandness, but I'm holding out hope I just got a bad one....

  5. @Cewek - I almost went to a Harry's but the timing just didn't work out. I will next time.

  6. I haven't tasted the chicken pies, but the Steak & Kidney pies are the best I have found in Sydney. So much so that I purchase in bulk and freeze them. They are so good that I would be proud (if I didn't have any scruples) to pass them off as my own.

  7. @Anon - I could use a nice, hearty meat pie for breakfast right now! I'm in Paris and while I love the tartines, they sometimes don't hit the spot on a cold morning.