Saturday, July 31, 2010

Royal Bar - Paris

Laying Back in Cut
You realize that Paris is a ghost town in August, right? I hope you didn't just arrive here on vacation! I'm escaping sleepy-ville in a few days myself before everything shuts down. It's time for vacation! I've started the downshift from work-think to non-think and found a venue that was up to the task: Royal Bar. I enjoyed the soothing jazz soundtrack, soft lighting, coffee and desserts. Most of all, I got a kick out of the characters.

The best people-watching is inside the cafe itself. I wasn't so rude as to take her picture, though I debated it inside my head for close to an hour. She's there all the time - the old lady with the tired stockings and caked on eyeliner whose small dog paws frenetically at the marble floor as if trying to dig to China. She chatted up the owner on a variety of subjects as she sipped tea. I slowly waded through a lemon tarte and a couple cups of Joe, enjoying the warm breezes. Ok, Paris, see you in a month....
3rd Arondissement

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  1. Yeah.. it's sad when one cannot find yummy food places open for a whole month.

    Was the tart good?

  2. @Dodo - man, this place is a real ghost town. Stoeckel? Nope, closed. Jean Millet? Closed. Maison Karrenbauer? Closed. Grandma/Grandpa spot? Closed. Where the heck am I supposed to get a sweet tooth fix not to mention basic foods? And no, the tarte was not the best but guess what - at least this spot is open. Two more days and I'm OUTTA HERE.