Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Bambini Trust Cafe - Sydney

Hit by a Truck
Changing time zones is hard enough but going from summer to winter adds insult to injury. I hadn't anticipated this on the 7 hr flight from Singapore to Sydney, I was busy with thoughts of murder. A few rows back, a two year-old Chinese boy screeched and tugged wildly at grandma's hair without reproach - the one child policy gone awry. By the time I cleared customs and wandered into the 40 degree chill, I felt like I'd been in a car accident. Perfect time for what they in Oz call "brekkie."

I've got no secret to finding spots to eat, I just search the web. This place was within walking distance of our hotel and got some good reviews. Dodo got a slab of banana bread, a popular dish down under, according to her. She was pleased with it but couldn't finish, so I helped her out. It was not like the ones I'm used to - it was more like bread and less like the cake I wanted it to be. A bit on the bland side so I zapped it with a sprinkle of sea salt to tease out the flavors.

I kept it simple - scrambled, toast and bacon. These were some of the smoother, nicer eggs I've had in some time but the sides couldn't keep up. I hope that Ozzie's don't all like their bacon on the soft and oily side but I won't know for sure until I eat a few more breakfasts. This is my first time down under and I notice they use a lot of strange words. Anyone care to explain the breakfast special? Mar-what?

The coffee was excellent and thank goodness for that - it started to pull me back into alignment, clearing the fog, so to say. By late morning the sun was out in force, making this a bright spring day.

185 Elizabeth St
Sydney, Australia

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  1. I wonder if any of the Aussi slang vocabulary owes anything to the fact that so many people were shipped to Australia from English prisons in the 1800's?

  2. @Sal - wow, I ain't touching that one. But when they got here they must've thought they hit pay dirt. It's sunny and nice - just imagine what a Brit prison must have been like.

  3. At the time I'm talking about, people who didn't have jobs were imprisoned and some of them were sent to Australia to make room in the English prisons for other unfortunates. The Brits did a lot of that sort of thing. In what became the US, the Georgia colony got shiploads of prostitutes, exported from English prisons. Not a sterling chapter of English history.

  4. Hi!

    Welcome to Australia! Now all you and Puff needs to do is get on the plane again and come to Adelaide! Yes we're not as cosmopolitan as Sydney, but by God our food is cheaper and tastier than theirs! It is no surprise (well to me anyways!) that this year's winner and runner on Masterchef, are both from South Australia! ;)

    Adelaide is surrounded by wine also, the north you got Barossa Valley and the south you get McLaren Vale.

    But if you're just staying in Sydney, may I suggest a couple of places to eat?

    Try Longrain ( for delicious Thai fusion (yes, the dirty f word, for yumcha I'd suggest East Ocean (, for modern Australian in a pretty setting try the Bathers Pavillion at Balmoral(, for fine dining experience try Quay ( - try the snow egg for dessert!) and for French style patisserie try La Renaissance Patisserie Francaise ( and for fine dining Japanese try Tetsuya's (

    Have fun!

  5. Oh and it's Manijump WA (as in Western Australia) truffles (

  6. @Sal - sounds like the Brits got rid of all of the fun people.

  7. @Cewek - believe me, if I had time I would visit a lot of Australia, including Adelaide. Next time. Thanks for clearing up that truffle question - I never would've figured that out. Thanks for the Sydney recommendations - the modern Aussie place looks interesting.

  8. Banana bread... I love! Although I have got to say that FN makes the best :) Babe, when you u gonna make me some?

  9. @Puff - Hmmmm, since I am on vacation for the next 8 days, I may have to whip something up. But it will probably be Grandma's chocolate cake, if anything.