Saturday, August 29, 2009

Rose Bakery - Paris

Waiting for Pancakes.....
I'm back in Paris after a few weeks in SE Asia and have slammed on the brakes to slow to Paris pace. It ain't so easy to do, things can be agonizingly slow here. I'm all for the slow food movement, but not when the slowness is a 40 minute wait for pancakes. Rose Bakery opened a branch close to my apartment in the 3rd and I go there from time to time for breakfast. Pingle is a huge fan of the pancakes so I ordered some because I was missing her. That's when I opened up my International Herald Tribune and began to read. When I got to about page 10 I heard someone at a nearby table asking what happened to their pancake order.

When I got to page 15, I still didn't have my pancakes - neither did the nearby table. They asked again. "They have to mix them" came the reply. Well, yeah, you do have to mix them - we all know that, the question is why is it taking so frigging long to mix them. It wasn't the bakers up front - two Japanese ladies - they were whipping up baked goods and stuffing them into the oven at a nice pace. The pancakes are made in the back somewhere by cooks unseen. I pictured them sitting in the back, puffing on cigarettes, drinking coffee.

The nearby table got their pancakes at page 20. I made it all the way through the paper before mine arrived. They were good, no doubt about it - just not worth the wait nor the 10 Euro price tag. In previous visits I've had the scones, which are excellent. I think, if I come back in future, I'll stick to ordering things that are already out of the oven and on display.
30, Rue Debelleyme
3rd Arondissement

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  1. I am a fan of Rose Bakery as well but if you're on a budget, it's not a good place to go weekly. In any case, you're right the scones are excellent!

  2. welcome back to paris ! mmm, good ole american pancakes! i haven't been to the new rose bakery yet, only know the one in montmartre - and loooooove their sticky toffee pudding and carrot cake (their recipe's on my site fyi) - those are musts! enjoy those next time... without the wait ! :)

  3. Your pancake post reminds me: what ever happened when you were on pancake duty in Singapore? Did the recipe arrive in time? Did the eaters should Bravo! ?

  4. Oops, I meant "shout" Bravo.

  5. Sal - I think you need a good editor, wahahahaha. As far as pancake duty - I was relieved of duty (laziness.)

    LM - I'm lucky, not on a budget, but an expense acct - however, I'm a stinge-poke, I hate overpaying even when I'm not paying.

    Kerrin - I tried their carrot cake once and didn't care for it. Maybe I just got a bad one... I like my carrot cakes a lot more moist.

  6. Haha... you are just Mr Fussy :)

    The pancakes are slamming.. and they are slow in the morning.. nevertheless worth the wait.

    Fruit salad is very good too... oh man, I miss the food. Bring me some!

  7. Babe, I wish you would've been there with me waiting for pancakes, you wouldn't have felt the same way.... It was a LONG wait. It's simple in my mind, when you open your doors and show me a menu, I should be able to get whatever is on the menu in a reasonable amount of time. I wasn't the only one there who felt that way.....