Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Cafe Einstein - Berlin

Einstein's Closet
I've heard stories, don't know if they're true, that Einstein kept a closet full of identical dark suits.  One less choice he had to make when he got dressed for work.  The cafe that bares his name takes the same approach with their meals.  Everything I ate in Cafe Einstein tasted the same - like nothing. 
Everything, that is, except the beer.  The beer was quite nice and made for a happy diner, food notwithstanding.  My German friends make some damned good beer.
The monkfish below tasted exactly like the St Jaques in the first picture.  I wondered if there were a factory nearby stamping out different shaped meals from the same underlying food mix.
When I bit into the cheese curd strudel I paused.  I looked for the hidden camera.  Someone was messing with me. 
They were a friendly, efficient bunch.  More than I can say for most of my Frenchy experiences, so that's something.  The food?  No.  Not even close.
Kurfürstenstraße 58


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  1. Well... at least service was good. The scallop does look good though.

    So... food wise, I am not missing much?

  2. @Puff Speaks - well, the scallop was the worst of all! Tasted like it floated dead in the sea for a while.

  3. May I ask what you guys do for a living?

  4. @Anon - yes, you may. However, since we want to keep our anonymity we cannot say exactly.

    1. ohhh ok :)
      Wanted to make a career change so I could go eat at all my favourite cities in the world! ;p
      By the way, I'm new to this blog, but I think you guys look/sound like a wonderful couple!

  5. @Nabi - Sheeeeeeit, I wanna retire. I wonder what my gf will comment about us as a couple... Wahahahahahahaha.

  6. I just returned from my trip to Berlin. Did you try the eisbein while you were there? Crazy portion and size. Quite daunting actually. :)

    1. @Kim - nope, not while in Berlin. But I have a really bad memory of one I had in Prague - I got deathly ill from it.