Saturday, November 7, 2009

Rice and Fish - Paris: CLOSED

Cali Sushi in the Second
October 2010 Update: this place has changed to Rice and Beans, a Mexican eatery run by the same crew but now serving tacos, burritos, etc.

Original Post
Globalization to the 2nd degree: a New Yorker and his Singapore girl got hungry in Paris and went to the sushi place run by the guy from San Fran. This isn't classic Japanese sushi but the California variety - note the stray rice grains. I tried something named OVNI: crab, tempura prawns, avocado and egg. These came together nicely when dipped in wasabi soy sauce.

The tempura shiitake mushrooms were stuffed with something. We've been debating since leaving. Her opinion: meat. My opinion: well, I don't really know, something non-meat. They were delicious, either way.

It was strangely satisfying to watch a former Buddhist munch through a beef bento box. I hope her Dad never finds his way to this site. The beef strips were tender and juicy. The sides were good as well: potato salad, pickled cucumber and cheesecake. Though unrequested, I helped the poor little thing out with her big meal. I chopsticked bite-sized fists of beef, potato salad and pickled ginger slices. She won't admit it, but I got chopstick skills "for an ang mo."

Of course, it wouldn't be Paris without a bit of nakedness. In keeping with the theme, it was Asian girl nakedness alongside some manga.

I've read some complaints about service here - though I've not experienced it. We tend to go in the off-hours. There were a handful of diners there with us - some sitting in the front window, people-watching and book-reading.
22, rue Greneta
2nd Arondissement

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  1. I enjoyed the maki.. the tempura was fried extra krunchy.. so you can feel the crunch when you bite into it. Recommended if looking for maki but if you are looking for traditional nigiri sushi, I doubt this will be the place.

    The shiitake was a delightful starter too.

  2. Cool, I am dating an expert!!

  3. I just discovered your blog and love it! I lived in Paris for a few years and miss it so much! It was great to hear about some of my old favorites, and learn about a lot of new places.
    On my last visit over the summer I had a truly mindblowing sandwich at this Lebanese take-out operation next to Saint Michel. It's on the rue Saint André des Arts, on the left as you're heading up from Saint Michel toward Odeon. Order the manouche special - labne, zaartar, fresh mint, tomato on a freshly baked flat bread (baked on this great dome-like stove you will see from the street). It was a very memorable sandwich.
    Manouches are also available at this place next to the Pompidou Center on rue Rambuteau, but I haven't been to that operation in several years.
    I don't know if you've tried any manouches yet, but you should. I am still dreaming about this sandwich.

  4. @Hamster - glad you enjoy reading my ramblings. I would be happy to go try a Manouche, snap some photos of it and let you re-live it.

    Thanks for the recommendation.

  5. No problem. Look forward to seeing your post!

  6. @Hamster - your time has arrived, gonna go find that Manouche spot you recommended this weekend....