Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Fette Sau

Who You Calling a Fat Pig?
Who woulda thought that in these politically correct times you could open up a barbecue spot called "Fat Pig"? Ok, ok, nobody knows that Fette Sau means exactly that in German. Anyway, I took my boy Hatebean out to there for some barbecue. Located about half-way between the completely gentrified part of Williamsburg and the BQE on Metropolitan Ave, it looks like it could have been a steampipe wholesaler in the olden days (say, in the 90's.) Turns out, it used to be an auto repair shop.

It is set back from the street about 30 feet. There are picnic tables scattered in the alley leading to the entrance and a bright sign hanging from the adjacent building. Upon entering I immediately noticed the knife and cleaver beer taps. I shoulda invited Triple-X, he woulda loved the way they sell the beer: by the gallon.

But this night, the focus was clearly on the meat. Here is how it works. They sell all manner of it by the quarter pound. You just point at each of the meats, ask for the quantities you desire and add sides. The bearded, trucker hat wearing dude then piles it onto your tray (hey, we're in Williamsburg, you didn't think the dude was gonna be clean-shaven with an Izod golf shirt, did you?)
I chose ribs, brisket and a spicy pork sausage. I added some potato salad as my "veggie." A few rolls were thrown in for good measure.

Ok, so remember your first kiss? Remember the dizzying, vertiginous happiness? Do you also remember the painful breakup the very next day? The first bite was fatty and delicious. A perfect blend of flesh and fat and char and sauce. The sausage burst with smokey flavor in my mouth. Yes, it doesn't get better than this!! Oh, wait, uh-oh, I ordered too much, it is so rich! I think I can finish it, I HAVE to finish it, it is so damned good. I am feeling a bit full. I am feeling off......

At 3am, I turned over while in deep sleep and was awakened by a greasy, smokey, acidy meat-burp.

Lesson learned - quarter pound of this good stuff is more than enough....

354 Metropolitan Ave
Williamsburg, Brooklyn

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  1. Talk abt Fette Sau... Puff feels like stamping feet!!!! I wanted to try but obviously was rejected by Gorilla... "You can't finish.. blah blah blah... I am not eating.. blah blah blah"

    Now that I am gone... Gorilla decides to try it.. what can I say?

    Sure looks yummy... this better be there when I get to NY and Gorilla better make time to bring me to Fette Sau :)

  2. Uh-oh, the feet stamping... I am scared... NOT.

    It will be here when you come back and we'll put it at the top of the list.