Friday, September 26, 2008

Mercury Dime

A Coffee Shop You Could Take Grandma To
Don't get the wrong idea, in her day my grandma could kick your ass. What I'm saying is that I felt totally at home in this cozy, two-story coffee spot. Yes, it is slightly dog-eared and worn, but that only adds to the charm. It is manned by a single barista who greets you from behind a tiny coffee bar when you walk in.

There are four small tables upstairs, two of which look out onto E. 5th St. I took a seat at the window and people watched as I sipped my coffee.

What a peaceful view onto E. 5th St, no? As I stared out the window, I could hear the muffled conversations from the floor below.

Oh yeah, I almost forgot - the target of my visit- coffee. It is strong and bracing, just a step below Gorilla coffee, Puff. Throw in the fact that they offer free wifi and sell gelato from Il Laboratorio del Gelato and I think we have a winner.

246 E. 5th St
Map it!

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  1. Woohoo... Wifi cafe in Manhattan!!!
    Means I can work from there when I visit you next? Nice...

    Since they sell gelato.. do they sell affogato coffee? Am keen to try that in NY... man, I am excited!!!

  2. I don't know what affogatto coffee is but I will find some for the list. Stand by.