Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Rodeo's Half Chicken Gets My Whole Attention

God created man. God created chicken. You know what happened next...... For my money, the half chicken at Rodeo is one of the better things that happened next. Crispy-skinned on the outside, tender and juicy on the inside, served on top of a bed of delicious Mexican rice. It keeps me coming back, over and over.

Don't look like much from the outside:



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  1. Rodeo chicken!!! Yumz... it surely was yummilicious. (Tip: Leave a piece of the crispy chicken skin for the final mouth. The taste will be etched in your mind that you will want to go back for more!!!)

    Again, the Gorilla missed out the other yummy deals at Rodeo. The chicken soup and their fresh chips with salsa :) Both surely brought a smile to my rumbling tummy that afternoon (ok... I know my tummy is always rumbling but I really cannot help it.)

    This chicken and their other yummy deals definitely is a reason that made my NY extension worthwhile.

  2. Hey, I thought I was the reason for your NY extension? Hello? Lady?

  3. I said.. Rodeo made my extension worthwhile... I didn't say it was the reason for my extension.

    Hmmm... I wonder what is the reason for my extension? Gorilla? Wahahaha...