Monday, September 29, 2008

Chung Moo Ro - Manhattan

Korean Barbecue Perks up Monday
Hatebean and I met up for lunch in Koreatown. There are a slew of spots to choose from on 32nd St. between 5th and Broadway. I picked one at random and either got really lucky or Buddha is looking down on me. The place was absolutely packed, we had to wait for a few minutes to get a seat.

Forget having any kind of "omnivore's dilemma" - we decided on the barbecue: chicken, short ribs and shrimp. Hatebean doesn't eat pork - LOOOOOSERRRRRR. It was hilarious watching him negotiate the chopsticks.

After the storm.....

10 W. 32nd St

Map it!

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  1. I am never a big Korean food fan. Maybe because I don't take beef (but this is set to change soon). =P

    It must have been delicious since the bbq tray is wiped clean... I do have one such place in Singapore to bring you.. and... they serve pork cheeks with it :) Fatty pork cheeks... Oooo...

  2. Mmmmm.... pork cheeks.... fat....

    Now you are talking my language, Puff.