Monday, November 16, 2009

Corossol - Paris

West Indian "Called Out to Me"
The Puffin is famous for her food selection routine. She checks out a place and if it "calls out to her", she'll eat there. Every now and then, her routine fails. We'd been right next to Corossol - at Chez Taeko - so many times, but she'd never shown the slightest interest. I knew better - if this place were half as good as any decent West Indian place in Brooklyn then it was going to be a find. I'm a real man, so I put my foot down and told her "you'll eat here and you'll like it, period." Yeah, ok, something more like "let's try it out sweetie-pie."

Here in Paris, they call it "Antillean", not West Indian but apparently from speaking with the owner, they serve food from West Africa as well as the Caribbean. Puffin got the Colombo, which is stewed curry chicken with vegetables and rice. She began to moan right after the first bite and then went quiet as she tore through it. I got a few bites of it and then came back on another visit to get my own. Not pictured is the Mafe (mah-fay) - a beef stew which is second ranked compared to the Colombo. This is the meal that brings us back over and over.

I'm used to Jamaican patties which are spiced a bit more than the ones served here. I would skip these and stick with the Colombo or Mafe.

They're located in the Marche des Enfants Rouges, which is worth the trip alone (go here for more information.)
39, rue de Bretagne
3rd Arondissement

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  1. Not exactly correct... we tried it because Taeko has closed for the day and I was starving (as always). Am glad it happened though and I have to admit.. you were right. It was good.. hmm.. probably can use great!

    You see.. the reason why it doesn't call out is the display. The food looks kinda cold. Yes yes, I gotto stop judging from the looks of it and be more adventurous.

    If you are going, instead of white rice, get the rice with beans and onions. That is really a great complement to the Colombo!

  2. Why you always starving? Why?