Friday, October 30, 2009

Kunitoraya - Paris

Getting Our Udon On
I've been to Japan just once but I fondly remember the various noodles I had there. Udon are great - they're as thick as a shoelace and when you suck em up fast you can spray nearby diners. Luckily I got myself a dainty noodle eater who sups without agression. I'm happy to report I escaped broth-free.

In Tokyo I had a version with curry sauce and I was forced to wear a giant bib. The tables around me should have as well. Everyone looked like a Jackson Pollock when I was done. The version we tried at Kunitoraya was served in a clear broth and was accompanied by shrimp tempura. The Pingles rated it better than ok, even good - which is pretty high on her scale. I agree - I enjoyed the two bites she gave me.

We sat in the front window looking out onto rue St Anne, people-watching. We got watched back. Passersby were sorting through the many noodle shop choices and Pingle's udon was exhibit A.

The place was steamy-warm as you can see from the windows. A welcome reprieve from the night chill. I now have a Parisian udon spot on the rotation.

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1 comment:

  1. I have to say.. this udon is rather authentic. The ramen I had in Paris to date didn't quite make the mark but this udon sure did. The clear soup broth was light but tasty.

    Hot udon on a cold Paris night?? Surely made my night.