Monday, October 12, 2009

Mariage Freres - Paris

Poker Face? No Way....
As Pingles and I waited in a long line at the venerable Parisian tea house I had a bad feeling. I've been to far too many places that, after building a rep, coast lazily on it. The international tourist mix of those on line with us didn't offer much hope. I expected to be disappointed - these "must go" places tend to be the opposite. To my surprise, it was Pingles who seemed to have a greater let down. The first clue was how hot it was once we were seated. I decided not to order tea as a result - and this is a tea house! Pingles dealt with the heat by ordering a selection of sorbets with her pot of tea. After a few bites, she went into arm-folded mode. I tried all three and I honestly cannot tell you what they were supposed to be. Pumpkin seed dirt? Sidewalk gum heel? Embarrasingly bad. The tea was good but the mood was set and it wasn't going to recover.

I had a mi-cuit chocolate which was only passable. I've had many better for much less money. It's a posh place, the waiters rush around in their white suits, platters of teas in their hands. Memo to self, go with your intuition.....

4th Arondissement

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  1. Maybe we didn't order the right stuffs such as scones with tea... but it would be hard to bring myself back to wait in line for this.

  2. The line is long, it's too hot in there to drink tea and those two things alone make this place annoying.

    The tea was nice, though.

  3. Maybe you don't have good taste. The sorbets were amazing and I was just there. And what kind of a name is Pingles?

  4. Dear Anonymous - my bad taste is without question. However, my girlfriend's is outstanding, so there is not doubt in my mind that the sorbets were bad.

    Hey, what kind of name is Anonymous? Too many syllables...