Sunday, October 25, 2009

Apostila Caffe - Prague

All I Wanted Was a Coffee and a Chair....
We walked all around Prague, hrs and hrs and hrs. At a certain point I simply wanted to sit down and have a coffee and relax. But you know how that goes - Puffin asks for the menu and looks over at me. "They've got a traditional Czech fruit pie with forest fruits and sorbet!!" Come on, I don't even know what a forest fruit is! I was glad she ordered it when it arrived. It was more like a cake, with apples and nuts. It was neighbored by a puddle of hot fruit compote and raspberry sherbet. Very nice combo.

The coffee, like most I've had in Prague, left something to be desired. Perhaps it's just a Czech thing or a tourist-area thing but the coffee is very weak and mild. It just doesn't do the trick for me.

Nevertheless, a nice place to rest your dogs and eat. It's tucked away in a quiet street off of the Staromestske Plaza. Very attractive decor, excellent welcoming service. Check out their site here.
Stare Mesto

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  1. In addition to the nice decor and the good fruit pie, the service was great. The lady boss (I assume) was friendly and all smiles. Made the whole experience pleasant and warm.