Sunday, October 11, 2009

Tartes Kluger - Paris

Just One Choice: Savory or Sweet
Of if you're smart like us, get one of each and share. Pingles asked for the ham, bacon and parmesan tarte, which came with a side of salad.

It was really good, especially a bite with all the ingredients combined. The bacon was crispy as was the parmesan and all were held together with a bechamel sauce. Very nice. Our plan was to share but I wasn't surprised Pingles tried her usual trickery after a bite "oh, babe, I don't think this is for you, I doubt you'll like it." Yeah, sure - I fell for that one. NOT.
Next up a generous helping of passionfruit tarte with hazelnut meringue and lime zest. This was a hands-down crowd pleaser. Creamy and sweet with a tart aftertaste. I will come back just for this.

You can eat at the 12-person family table as we did or you can take them to go. What's more, you can go on their website and order them for pick up or delivery. That's truly cutting edge for Paris.

My recommendation is to go on a Sunday, sit at the table, relax, people-watch through the large windows and eat leisurely.

6, rue du Forez
3rd Arondissement

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  1. Both savory and sweet were great! Like really gooood...

    Of course when FN took the first bite of the passionfruit tarte.. he gave me a sour look on his face and went.. "Babe, you won't like this." Obviously this meant it was very good and he wanted it all by HIMSELF (PIGGY!!).

    Will be back for more!!!

  2. I was just trying out your nonsense on you, dodomode.

  3. Went back twice this week to get more tarts - both times sweet of course :)

    The best thing of all.. both were also good - ricotta cheese with raspberries and pear with choc chips. I definitely preferred the ricotta cheese with raspberries.

    Can't wait to go back for more!!