Saturday, April 18, 2009

Sanur - Manhattan

Window Shopping for Prawn Crackers
Ok, so we weren't actually window shopping for prawn crackers, we were walking around Chinatown looking for pork chops. They were propped up in the window and caught the eye of my foreign correspondent, Ping to the Ping. She jumped around and got excited when she saw them and ran over to buy a container. They lasted approximately, oh, I am guessing 4 minutes when we got them home. So, a few days later, back we went to get more. This time two containers. P2P began perusing the other Malaysian and Indonesian foods on offer and when I asked if she wanted to stay for lunch, her simple reply of "I don't mind" was all I needed to hear.

We shared a plate of noodles with curry chicken, potatoes and spam. Yes, spam. Not sure why, but Spam seems to hold a place dear in the hearts of Asians. We silently dueled with our chopsticks over the plate and I lost - my chopstick skills cannot compete. I want to come back to try to Roti Canai.

18 Doyers Street

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  1. Yeah right!!?!? You lost??? Someone kept pushing my head away and guarded his share of noodles.

    Prawn crackers aka keropok was very good. They tasted fresh and very crispy (no bad oil aftertaste).

  2. Come on, how can some Ang Mo like me beat you out in a chopstick race? How?