Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Ippudo - Manhattan

Ramen-Nation, We Hail You
If you're a ramen fan then you probably already know about Ippudo. We'd never been there and decided to rectify our lapse by going for lunch. To whet our appetites, we started with the pork buns. They come simple - slice of lettuce, some mayo and juicy pork. After the first bite, I was mad that I didn't order a few more of these. The pork is fatty and tasty - super delish. I would come back here just for these.

I got the classic ramen, which comes with a hard-boiled egg. I liked it a lot. The noodles were tender, not al dente, the way I like them. The broth was bursting with flavor.

Puffin got the spicy ramen and has bragged ever since how much better her choice was than mine. Be that as it may, I don't think any of the ramen on the menu will disappoint. This place is a cut above the typical. My only complaint is the fake-wait they put you through. We waited for 15 minutes only to be brought to the back to see many empty tables. I am willing to overlook it - the food is that good.

April 18th Update: We went back for another lunch and this time we got the chicken wings appetizer rather than the pork buns. Bad move. While they were juicy and tasty and loaded with sesame seeds, they definitely don't rank up there with the pork buns!

65 4th Ave
East Village

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  1. Yes, the spicy ramen is way better.. that's for SURE!

    This ramen is really good. The noodle texture is from Kyushu style which is exactly how I love it. Have craving for it since I had it last week.... Raaaammmmmeeeennnnnn.....

  2. Ok, ok, we get it. You are smarter than me....

    (I liked mine better, to be honest.)

  3. oooh that pork bun looks great. one time i saw someone eat the chicken wings at ippudo, those things look good too. have you tried those?

  4. Danny - haven't tried the chicken wings but next time I will give them a shot - I bet they are good. I have a feeling everything in this place is good.

  5. Ippudo made your list! Very good. the pork buns are FANTASTIC. Try the Pork Ramen Akamaru next time. Sooooo good.

  6. fake wait? how hilarious/maddening!