Sunday, June 20, 2010

Chez Janou - Paris

This Blog is Getting Frenchier and Frenchier
Three french posts in a row must be some kind of record. I'm hitting my two week Paris limit but still have a week to go before my escape to NY. It's about the time I begin to get ornery, muttering to myself about the slow service, the weather, the dog shit, the prices. Even so, Chez Janou shone through my mental pollution. It's a classic brasserie known for its 80+ varieties of pastis but we were there to stuff our faces, of course.

We tried the specials of the day and as is usually the case, Pingle's filet on a bed of gratineed broccoli with lardons was far superior to my choice. I got a steak with a side of noodles that lacked any memorable traits. Thankfully, the Pingles is on a pre-vacation food intake reduction plan - which translates into my eating a good portion of her food. Whoever invented lardons should get a Nobel prize. I'd like to add them to everything.

Chez Janou is an unusually roomy place with a small horseshoe-shaped bar like Au Petit Fer à Cheval. We noted a mixed crowd: French families passing around babies between bites, Japanese tourists taking photos and young loving couples.

I want to go back to try a pastis - I don't think I've ever had any. I'll wait for another warm sunny day to show up first. It was beautiful a few days back and now, one day before summer officially starts, it is 52 degrees fahrenheit and rainy. I love Paris two out of every three weeks I'm here.
3rd Arondissement

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  1. Yeah.. mine is definitely better than yours. Dipping bread on my cream butter sauce was also yummilicious!

    So when we going back? This trip or next? I wanna try the Choc mousse this time!

  2. @Puffin - I say we go back next trip at night and sip some pastis. I'll wear a scarf and a ratty suit jacket.

  3. i've been back in paris for a week since NYC and am totally feeling what you just wrote about service and dogs...i might have to visit chez janou since its (a) so close to me and (b) i've heard its not bad. i swear you kids keep hitting up all the spots on my list...

  4. @Korovka - tell you a secret, we've hacked into your computer, we have YOUR list and we're hitting it HARD! Wahahahahaha. Ok, not really. Seriously though, just curb the goddamned dogs already!!!

  5. I LOVE Chez Janou! It's provençal and in a lovely location. I'm so glad you liked it!

  6. @Lindsey - this place is a winner! Gonna go back to get myself some pastis soon!

  7. If you need a break from French food, try Noodle Bar, 31 rue Nationale, Metro Olympiades. Closed Tuesdays. Open until 11.

    good steamed dim sum, i like all the shu mai i have tried there. and the crispy chicken or pork with wok noodles. the vermicelli noodles with beef and nems and coconut milk is also good with good crunchy veg.

    they are so nice, real mom and pop place.

  8. @Nicole - thanks for the recommendation, I am gonna check it out when I come back in July.