Friday, June 11, 2010

Chez Paul - Paris

Quirky and "French-y"
If any of my American friends were to get off their lazy asses and visit me in Paris I'd take them to Chez Paul. It's the "Frenchiest" bistro I know. Yes, Frenchiest. Do you need a definition?

1. conspicuously or grossly unconventional or unusual
2. odd, esp. in an interesting or amusing way
3. not easily explained

Case in point, the huge photo of the abundant waitress who works the downstairs. Her likeness hangs on an upstairs wall so no matter where you're seated, you're never far from her.

The menu looks like it was written with a fountain pen in the 1950's. You'd hardly be able to read the blurry script in bright light but don't worry - it's so dark in Chez Paul that it doesn't matter. I abandoned the menu and looked around at some nearby tables. I ordered by pointing out a few things that looked good. One was a pile of roasted potatoes. They were just the way I like them - slightly crispy on the outside, giving a pleasant crunch.

For the main course I ordered what turned out to be a slice of pork resting on a bed of mashed potatoes, surrounded by a moat of balsamic vinegar and roasted whole garlics.

It's called pave de cochon noir, or black pig steak, and it is frigging good. I guess I don't need the menu after all. This is what I'll order in Chez Paul from this point forward.

13 rue de Charonne
11th Arondissement

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  1. So will I finally get to try this place out this time?? Will I??

  2. @Puffin - the power is in your hands.... Put the phone down, get off the conference calls and let's ROLL!

  3. heavy French cuisine at its best :) For something a bit less "Frenchy" and more contemporary you should try Le Temps au Temps on rue Paul Bert


  4. @Lindsey - heavy is right! Thanks for the recommednation, I will add it to my list.