Friday, May 6, 2011

Versailles - Miami

Chilling in Little Havana
After a punishing round of golf at Doral it was easy to convince the dejected to make a run to Versailles for a Cuban lunch.  We gorged on a variety of delectables, pushing our guts to the edge of explosion.  We later napped sitting on the couch, tv blaring and upon waking didn't discuss dinner.  Everyone was still full and reflecting on the lunch.  I teased them for not getting the flan with coconut, one of my favorites.  The Versailles version was stellar.
We knew we were in for a challenge when two plates arrived for each of us - main on one, sides on the other.  In my case, a fully loaded chunk of roast pork with onions.
It came with a forearm-sized piece of chicharron (deep-fried pork skin) that was worth the drive alone.  When I bit into it, I sprayed shards onto my shirt which I later picked one by one and popped into my mouth.
My side plate was another thousand or so calories in the form of moro rice and perhaps the best plantains I've ever eaten.  I read on the internet that they spend hours cooking them and it shows.  They were sweet, soft and memorable.
There is a Versailles bakery next door and a coffee to go window out front.  Why does a Cuban spot name itself Versailles?  Why do they pronounce it "Vare-sigh-ess"?  No idea.  What I do know is that we got a taste of very good Cuban food today and will add it to the rotation when we make our way to Miami.
3555 SW 8th St

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  1. Wooooww that seems like a lot of food. As you would have guessed, the crispy pork skin is speaking to my tummy right now. I want some!!! Sad though.. coz this is in Miami so I won't get to try it :(

    I like the flan photo.. colors rich!

  2. @Dodo - rest assured, you would have called the pork skin "foodgasmic."

  3. Isn't it super good?! When I went to Miami I also went there. Kinda wished I went there more than once...

  4. @Korovka, I agree. We went late in our trip and regretted it. I think we would've gone back more if time allowed.