Thursday, January 6, 2011

Khong Guan - Singapore

Nasi Padang in Queenstown
This is the full circle post - the one that takes me back to the beginning.  Khong Guan is one of the first places I tried in Singapore and the one from which my girlfriend's nickname sprang.  See the "greedy shot" photo on the right, the one with the sparkling curry puff?  That was taken here a few years back and sent to me long-distance.  I started calling her Puff almost immediately and the name stuck for quite a while.  My mom still calls her that, resisting the more recently concocted "Dodo" as being too insulting.  Puffin grew up eating at this coffee shop and she gets all misty-eyed when she talks about their mee rebus.  I was more than happy to gnaw on a fat curry puff, which was deliciously tasty, sentimentality aside.
I've had their mee rebus before and it's pretty good.  This time around I tried Dodo's mom's favorite: a triangle-shaped glutinous rice treat that is coated with fresh coconut and swimming in a palm sugar bath.  Sorry, I don't know the official name of it - can someone help me with that?  Not something I'd try again - a bit rough around the edges, not as sweet as I want my treats to be.  If you're in the neighborhood, you'd be smart to check out this old coffee shop, situated in an even older HDB block.  This is old-school, folks.
49 Stirling Rd

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  1. This place is my absolute favourite haunt... I miss those days when I could just crawl over in my PJs and have one of those lontong (curry veg with rice cakes... ooooo).

    My bro swears by their nasi lemak.... those were the days when something this good was just 1 min away...

  2. @Dodo - but now you got the super-mall even closer!!!!! Right? Isn't the super-mall food better?? Ok, don't answer - I'm being a smart-ass.

  3. @Yixiao - really? That's the name of it? Thanks!!

  4. Seriously. You and Dodo need to come over to Adelaide when you're down in Australia next. Okay a little gratitious ad here... but Gorilla (my DH) and his family runs an Asian bakery here in Adelaide's Chinatown and their curry puffs are to die for! The pastry itself is really flaky and almost Frenchlike in their flakiness. So yeah, keep that in mind when you guys are over next. :)