Monday, February 21, 2011

Sit-Fun Shih Tang - Taipei

This is the Healthier Side of the Street?
I fancy myself the pork fat king - it's only a matter of time before I'm fitted with my coffin-shaped crown.  However, even I sat blinking, dumbfounded at the inch-thick layer of fat on the pork at Sit-Fun.  When later research suggested they offer "lighter versions of Taiwanese delicacies" I broke out in laughter.  Surely they must be joking.  The first bite was delicious but I soon felt like I was eating all icing and no cake.  The King admits to leaving a lot of the fat in the bottom of the bowl.
Sit-Fun offers dishes based on what the chef finds in the markets that morning, thus ensuring a fresh, seasonal rotation.  There isn't a menu - you take a look at the dishes propped up in case near the front door and order prior to sitting down.  It makes everything so much more efficient.  Surprisingly, the dish I enjoyed most was this one - green beans, eggplant and red peppers sauteed with generous amounts of garlic.  I couldn't stop eating this, I think I ate most of it.
Less interesting to me were the yam fritters.  Dodo was much happier with these than I was - I'm just not much of a yam person, besides I'd just eaten a plate of veggies and that's enough for one day. 
The place was packed from the moment we entered to the moment we left, stuffed to the gills.

It's on a small alley off of Yong Kang St, pictured below, which is stocked full of shops and restaurants and is a fun place for a walk around.

5, Lane 8, Yong Kang Street
Daan District

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  1. I liked the green bean dish best too... but u ate so fast that I only got bits of it. SO GREEDY! Wahahahaha...

    I didn't like the yam thingy as it was with coconut filling which I didn't feel went well with the yam.

    Would I go again? Probably... but need more pple so that we can try more dishes!

  2. @Dodo - so, we're making a return trip? Man, it pays to date a superstar!!

  3. I am just the gf of a superstar... duh!

  4. Boy, that pork dish looks good. If the food police get a look at it, you'd better eat fast. Too bad so many of us are scared of fat. :-)

  5. @Sal - I wasn't scared!!!! Ok, actually, in this case, I was kinda scared....

  6. Food look really good...making me hungry at this hour.

  7. @Pirate - wasn't it midnight when you commented? Are you getting greedy like a certain someone we know?

  8. What's that suppose to mean... Mr Nice?!??!?!?

  9. @Dodo - how you know I was talking about you?