Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Blé Sucré - Paris

Pssssssssst, I Got That Sweet Wheat
Google translate - you fail me, I'm sure there's a more streetwise translation for Blé Sucré. Not to worry fiends, the photo of their coffee eclair translates primally. My cavities hurt when I gazed at it but I didn't care, I had to have it. You know what I'm talking bout. I'm addicted!

Step in, step up. Have your money out and ready. What you need? What you need?

A croissant? Here you go - swollen up with butter but still flaky like you like it...... Good, right?Told ya. You ok? Hey - you alright? Your eyes are rolling back in your head.

More? Nah, you had enough for now.

Go sleep it off outside in one of those chairs or the park across the street.

7, rue Antoine Vollon
12th Arondissement

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  1. Oh boy, my mouth is watering, again. A coffee eclair must be sin on a plate.

  2. @Sal - especially when you wash it down with a coffee! Sugar and caffeine - the two top food groups.

  3. i love your guys' blog. its so cute! plus it seems like you are always one step ahead of me! anytime i'm about to check something out in paris and google it, your blog comes up! hmm...perhaps nyc'ers in paris end up going to the same places...

  4. @Korovka - welcome to Paris, I hope you don't feel suicidal from living here, like I do at times. This place can be a challenge. As far as this little blog - there simply aren't that many food bloggers here, especially compared to NYC.

  5. Maybe the food bloggers in Paris blog in French?? The 12th sounds far.. how many buses, how many streets?

    Put this down as one of our to go breakfast place for Mar ok?

  6. @Puffin - the French bloggers do blog in French but Google doesn't care - it shows you all the blogs when you search - there just aren't that many food bloggers in Paris.

    12th ain't far at all, just south of Bastille - you can take the same bus I take to work....

  7. I am in fasting! oh please don't show me such pics!.Paris foods are really appreciated by visitor.Your blog with so many sub menu categories helps in passing my time when i am bore.Great blog keep it up!

    Eating cheap in paris

  8. @Ranjeet - what fasting period is it for you? Ramadan is over, so it can't be that one....

  9. FN - I read somewhere that its opening hours are 8am to late afternoon. When in late afternoon? Do you know?

  10. @Cewek - here's one of the things you're about to learn....... in Paris, places are open when the owner feels like working. Any posted days/times are about as accurate as a weather forecast. When you go, they might be open, closed, on a smoke break or any combo of those. Good news is you're not visiting in August.

  11. Cool! Thanks for the tip :)
    Yeah Europe in August is just a massive mistake. I also learned the hard way not to visit Paris or any part of France/Europe on a Sunday.