Saturday, November 15, 2008

Pozzetto - Paris

All the Gelato You'll Ever Need
As luck would have it, our hotel is on the same street as this lovely gelateria. It has a walk-up window for sidewalk orders or you can sit inside and relax, jump on their free wi-fi and eat at a leisurely pace.

I had a double scoop of chocolate and strawberry gelato. It was nice, but nowhere near as good as what the Puffin got.

She got an Affogatto, which if you don't know is a hot espresso shot poured over vanilla gelato. You get to pour the shot yourself.

This tasted spectacularly good. It was best when sipped like a coffee. Puff and I agreed that it should have come with two shots of espresso to balance out all of the gelato.

39, rue de Roi Sicile.

4th Arondissement


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  1. Affogatto.. yumz... whoever thought of this power combi is BRILLIANT!! The rick milky taste of the vanilla gelato together with a dose of espresso is simply amazing...

  2. The Puff Speaks is the same as Hear Jean Speak, I think....


  3. Thanks for schooling me on the "Affogatto" - also great pics and write up of tasting.