Monday, May 18, 2009

al di là - Brooklyn

Orgasmic Venetian Lasagna?
These are the Puffin's words - and there ain't no doubt according to her. This is the best lasagna she has ever had, period, end of story. When she speaks about it I imagine she is talking about me, rather than a cheese and meat dish. She raved and raved about it after trying it for lunch last week. Prior to leaving for Paris, I went with her to check it out. I had a few spoonfuls and I agree - it's pretty excellent - and this is from a guy who doesn't necessarily like lasagna.

Hang on, I'm getting ahead of myself. This is a restaurant that specializes in Venetian cuisine, which I prefer to southern Italian. We started with a clam soup with orecchetti, which was nicely done. It had some kind of lemon flavoring as well, perhaps lemon verbena. Very good.

Normally I wouldn't put pictures of bread on the blog, but this stuff is a cut above. It's served warm out of the oven with butter on the side. We had two loads of this because we're pigs.

I love pork so I ordered a crispy pork belly sandwich. To be honest, I wasn't too happy with it. The pork was not crispy enough - I really was looking to shave off a few years of my life and this tasted a bit too healthy to me.

Not so for the crispy potatoes. These were top-shelf, with just enough bacon bits to please the pig-lover in me. No, I ain't afraid of swine flu (some folks actually believe you can get swine flu from eating bacon....)

Finally, an affogatto with some sort of granola. We enjoyed it, but to me - they could have left the granola out. I think I am spoiled by my trips to Pozzetto....
For those of you who want to know, it's a cute place, kinda rustic. The ceiling is half-scraped to reveal glimpses of original tin and there is a huge chandelier. A very pleasant atmosphere to get an excellent meal. They don't take reservations and it tends to get packed, so if you can, get over there for lunch during the week - at noon sharp.
Park Slope

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  1. Hmmm.. this post seems longer than most. It seems that every dish we had has been written up.. I wonder if this implies how the "Post-er" feels about this place?

    As for me... I LOVE IT!!! The lasagna is really really mind blowing.. the blend of the cheese with the meat... Ooooo...

    Everything else was good too.... amazing for one place to get most things right :)

  2. Well, Puffin, this was supposed to be YOUR guest post, remember? Uh-huh, ok, now what? What you got to say for your lil self?

  3. Hey.. glad you brought this up! Did you even give me a chance?? I was gonna start writing it tonight and before I can even start, seems like you decided to save yourself the embarassment of a bad post by writing it yourself.

    I know... I am bobo... *sob sob*


  4. Oh boy, you should have taken up acting......

    I can delete it and you can write it. Shall I?